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Thread: Please Help!!!

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    Exclamation Please Help!!!

    I have a million questions and I'm in need of some help!

    My DD is almost 4 months now and is exclusively breast fed. In the past 24 hours we have noticed that she has been increasingly fussy. She also has stiff legs, and doesn't want to be held any way except in football hold.

    She hasn't had a BM in a week. I called the local health nurse this evening and she said that it sounds like my DD is getting too much foremilk and not enough hind milk. She only nurses about 5 mins on each side, I can't tell if she is "draining" each breast, she has been nursing this way for almost a month, I just assumed she was becoming more efficient.

    This seemed to be working, she was a happy content baby who had excellent sleeping patterns up to yesterday. Last night she was up every hour wanting to nurse.

    I feel like the worst mother in the world for letting her "snack" on each side instead of feeding on each side.

    I am worried that because I have been nursing this way for at least a month that my milk supply has diminished and she won't new able to get a good supply of hind milk.

    Thanks for any advice and sorry for the ramble - I'm feeling a bit emotional

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    Hi congrats on your new LO. Im no good at giving links so hopefully another momma will fallow wiyh some... But first off other than no poop how many wet diapers is she having? Its normal for a BF baby to go a week w/o any poop, but you can try the bicicle moving w/her legs and baby massage (the kelly mom website is a good *go-to* (alot of mommas here use) At 4mo she may just be more efficient at removing the milk, but I do remember more waking at that age too with mine, also my DS cut his 1st tooth at 4.5mo. Its early but not unheard of. My DS is 9mo and STILL wakes up every hour or so to BF sometimes (usaly for comfort) she may just be wanting to do the same. even *snacking* will help to keep up ypur supply stimulation is BIG on milk production. Also you cant *force* her to eat for a longer amount of time, that just may be all she needs at the time and as long as your NOD (nursing on demand) your doing GREAT It can be scary when you cant see exactly how much shes getting, the kellymom site has some great info about *hind/fore milk*

    hope some of this mite be helpful Your already a AWESOME momma, your BFing your DD

    Im sure other mommas will have some more great advise/suggestions You at the right place!

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    First, don't feel like the worst mother...trust me we all feel that way (I've had my share of it today!) You obviously want to do what's best for your LO or you wouldn't be on here trying to sort things out!

    Does she have normal urine output? Is she gaining weight at an appropriate rate? Has she been doing a lot of new things lately (rolling over, "talking" more, etc.) The fussiness can be caused by several things such as teething, getting tired from learning new things, etc. My DD2 has been more fussy lately because she has been attempting to roll over and wants to sit up a lot more. Sometimes when they are learning new things, it interferes with sleep patterns and can make them cranky. She is also teething, so that doesn't help. DD1 did get more cranky at the same age when she went longer between bowel movements, so this could have a role in her mood changes.

    And yes, some babies are more efficient at nursing. The key is to watch her output and to see if her weight, height and head growth are staying on a consistent curve. As far as the stiff legs, that is something I am unfamiliar with. Did you mention this to doc's office. Just curious what their response was about that.

    As far as bowel movements, agree with PP. DD2's has slowed down, too.

    Lastly, if and only IF it turns out your supply has dropped, you can always get it back up! Trust me on this. I went from over supply to under supply and then reversed it pretty quickly, so it can be done. Sending you a hug and hope all turns out well for you!

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    she is having several wet diapers a day, and doesn't appear to be hungry. She has never been one to nurse for comfort, she just likes to snuggle. BF'ing might be the hardest thing about having a new baby!

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    She has started to roll from her back to her side this last week The nurse said the stiff legs is a sign of lots of built up gas, they stiffen up as they try to work out the gas she said. I can coax her into the bicycle legs after a minute or so, but it doesn't always help.

    Thanks for the support, I am one of the first in my circle to have a baby so not a ton of experience to draw from!

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    Congrats on your LO. Your LO sounds alot like my LO when she was about 8 weeks. Here is a link for info on foremilk/hinkmilk. http://www.llli.org/faq/oversupply.html

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    You already got some great advice from the PPs, I'll just add a couple more thoughts.

    First, my baby was sleeping well at around 3 months, and when she turned 4 months she started to wake up every 1-2 hours at night. I don't know if it was growth spurt, developmental changes, or need to be comforted--probably all of them at some point! It doesn't sound out of the ordinary, and it'll get better with time.

    Second, on the built-up gas. Is her tummy stiff too? Anyway, if she has painful gas, sometimes a warm bath will help. We loved our Tummy Tub (http://www.tummytubusa.com/). Because the baby is more submerged in water than in other tubs, and because of the fetal position, it was very soothing for colic and gas. Actually sometimes she would pass gas during the bath, it was that relaxing!

    The other thing I do when she seems to have gas or to be a little slow with her BM is to massage her anal area VERY GENTLY when I change her diaper. I use a moist wipe or a cotton ball soaked with baby oil, and just massage the area--again, softly so as not to hurt. I let her be there with her legs pulled up and we take our time... often this will help release something!

    I was also intrigued by the stiff legs. From your description it's just occasional?
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    Stiff legs is definately gas! Personally i think no BM for a week is a long time for a 4 month old. But my daughter got too much foremilk and it gave her some gas but she pooped a lot.
    She stopped poopin so much when she got more hindmilk.

    I switched to cluster feeding (one breast per session) and it helped tremendously.

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    It is completely normal for a breastfed infant to go a week (or more even) with out a BM. I think my son goes about 1.5 weeks between. Do you think your DD may be teething? Lot's of drool, chewing on everything, fussy? That's when nights got really rough for us.
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    Default Re: Please Help!!!

    My son is 4 months and sine he turned 3months he has only been nursing 5min one breast per feeding and nurses every 2-3 hours. I nurse him till he starts to pacify (if I left him to it, he would pacify all day) then I stand him up on my lap and if he is happy, we go about our day. If he seems hungry still, I offer the other breast. He very rarely nurses from both during the same nursing session. He is gaining weight and is having the right amount of diapers so I just let him set the length and frequency.

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