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    Hi ladies

    I have been exclusively breastfeeding my son, who is now 4 months. I pump at work,. Ive noticed that I have been feeling lightheaded often the past few weeks. It happens more after a pumping or feeding session. I am eating and driking enough fluids. I've never had low bp.

    Anyone had this ?


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    When I was on a JDR walk in NYC a few years ago, a nursing mother who was type 1 diabetic told me she felt that way when her body made milk. She had to eat a snack at that time. She said it was hard to judge when her body would decide to make the bulk of the milk and cause the low blood sugar but that's what was happening to her.

    Do you think you may have hypo or hyperglycemia?

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    it could definitely be low blood sugar. It could also be low iron. Testing your blood sugar needs to be done in that moment that you are feeling light headed, which can be difficult. If it's your blood sugar, 1/2 cup of regular (not diet) soda, 3 hard candies, or two teaspoons of sugar dissolved in water should help you within minutes of eating it. You can test your iron levels at your doctors office and it just involves a skin prick test.

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    I feel that way quite often. Doc told me theyve tested me for everything and on paper i look really healthy. However, i dont always feel that way.
    I think mine comes on with dehydration or if I dont eat enough. I think im eating enogh bt when i actually counted it out I wasn't.
    I would experiment and eat some sugar...if it works thats great! Other track your eating and fluid for a day.
    You also may just be tired and stressed. Sometimes when I have a letdown I get lightheaded and groggy.

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    Low blood sugar can definitely be the culprit. I've had to snack while nursing with both girls because of this. Hope you figure it out mama.

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    For me it was a lack of iron, if this helps....
    I take a few cups of breastfeeding tea a day and drink and eat plenty, it seems to be better now.

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    I had this a lot in my early months PP. It was anemia. But I think other things can cause it as well. I would at least check in with your doctor.

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