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Thread: Nursing strike at the worst time...

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    Unhappy Nursing strike at the worst time...

    Feeling a little down....My LO is 15 weeks old now. In the beginning of BF'ing I had an oversupply. I was able to succesfully decrease to meet my LO needs. But then I started my menses (just mild spotting) at 6 weeks followed up with a full return 3 weeks ago. I noticed a BIG dip in my supply and when pumping I only would yeild 4oz from both breast when I would normally get 5 oz from one. So I did increase my pumping but my supply has not increased. Now I have increased my hours at work and therefore she is at the breast less. Last but not least, she is teething and has began a nursing strike this last week. I did see that she has 2 teeth that have just poked through her gums last night. She would eat for approx. 2 min then start to fuss and unlatch. This would go on the entire feeding. Last night she did the same only she refused to relatch and just screamed. She took a bottle just fine. But I do not have any extra supply and therefore I am having to mix my BM with formula and when I pump when she has taken a bottle I am only getting about 3 oz now from both breasts. Not sure I am going to be able to get my supply back up with all the above factors. Really saddens me cause I have enjoyed the quite relaxing times that we spent together

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    Don't give up. I had low supply and a 5 month nursing strike that started when my daughter was about 10 weeks old and she just got back into nursing fully awake when she was over 7 mos. It was really tough but what helped us was : latching on when she was basically asleep. Not when she was tired and crabby to get her to sleep but in the middle of the night when she just barely stirred before opening her eyes or during nap when she was also asleep. Once she opened her eyes it was all over and there was no point, she'd refuse.

    For increasing supply, if you can try to pump more often that may help, I also ate quite a bit of brown rice and oatmeal and I think the brown rice really helped me although each woman is different in that. Keep trying to get her back to breast, though.

    http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html this covers more info than I ever could, Kelly Mom has a great site on breastfeeding.

    Hang in there!
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    Look into a calcium/magnesium supplement for next cycle. Many moms here have said that helped with the AF dip.

    I'm thinking too you are dealing with nipple preference. Look that up and see if it sounds right to you.
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