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Thread: Dinning out problem

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    Default Dinning out problem

    So my fiancé and I are invited to a holiday dinner and party they organise at his job and we usually always bring baby along. But it won't be possible this time, it's not the kind of place you can bring a 4 months old.

    So grandma is more then willing to babysit for us this night and I know she's very capable....but we have one problem.
    Baby boy absolutely hates bottles! We have tried everything, changing the bottles, the nipples, the milk temperature. His daddy tried while I was not there too and everytime it's like we are totally insulting him by proposing anything else but a breast.
    Now I understand him, but just for this once I need him to be fed by grandma!
    He eats every two hours so I'm sure I won't be there for at least one feed.

    Anyone went through something similar?

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    Default Re: Dinning out problem

    Have you tried feeding him with a cup?

    Here's a list of articles for alternative ways to feed a BF baby: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/a...e-feeding.html
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    Default Re: Dinning out problem

    My cousin's BF baby would not take a bottle and when he was REALLY little if someone else had to feed him he got a spoon. Then he would take a cup. Just did not like the bottle... My son could drink from a glass at 4 months, try practicing with him before the big night, let granma practice, too. We also have a tommee tippee sippy cup that my son LOVES to use to feed himself (he is very independent). Its great because he has to suck on it to get anything out, it won't leak, but he does tend to spit the water all over the place. I don't know if this would work if your baby won't try sucking on it, but it might be worth a shot? Our son started using this to have small amounts of water and feed himself on car trips at around 4 months. You can find it on Amazon (I don't know if I am allowed to post links) but its for 4m+. We got ours at Babies R Us. GL!!

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    Default Re: Dinning out problem

    try a cup, spoon, medicine dropper, etc. and make sure that it's not YOU that's trying these things - if the breast is around he's much less likely to take milk from another source. How long will you be away?

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    Default Re: Dinning out problem

    I will be out at least 4-5 hours...so one feed and maybe two.
    l did manage to feed him with a shooter glass once, but I'm afraid it will be too much trouble for anyone else then me. It's so messy and a long process....

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