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    So my Lansinoh pump died on me. Too many miles I guess! Anyways someone told me to call the health dept cause they give out pumps well in order to get a pump from them you must get some sort of assistance or be on wic which I am not on. My problem with this is does my baby not count in this world? The government cares about the kids that get assistance? A new lansinoh pump is 150 dollars of which i dont have right now, I called the hospital but paying 60 dollars a month for a pump is kind of ridiculous, you are better off just buying one. Finally i found someone who was getting rid of a playtex pump that I got, it nowhere near measures to the lansinoh but it will work for now. I just feel like if you are tying to be responsible in this world and pay your own bills you get discriminated against, i think breastfeeding is so good for babies, ALL Babies! It just hurt my feelings like the government doesnt care if MY baby is healthy or not. Anyways I am done ranting now! Thanks for listening!

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    Do you have insurance? My pisa was dying and my insurance covered the cost of a new one.
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    Please don't try to make me feel bad. I'm on WIC and food stamps and not for lack of trying to pay my bills. I understand you're in a difficult situation, pumps are really really expensive and it's not like you could buy a used one or anything. Did you see if Lansinoh has a customer service line? I don't know what the warranty info. is for them. I know my Medela pump's motor is warrantied for up to a year, although the other parts' warranty expired after 90 days.

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    Look for your receipt, if it's been less than a year they'll replace it. Mine died as well after 4 months... If you don't have a receipt, look for the born-on date on your pump as they will replace for a year as well.

    If it's been more than a year, I found a manual pump works surprisingly well and is more comfortable, I use it about half the time now. I bought it as a backup after the first breakage...it was closer to $20 than $200!

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    Please don't rely on a Playtex pump. They are not very good. You would be better off with a manual.

    Check with Lanonoh...if its still under warranty, they will replace it.

    This would be, IMHO, worth charging even. If you don't have a good pump and must pump several times a day, your supply will decrease. The rental even is a good deal, if it saves you from spending a small fortune on formula.
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