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    My DS is almost 8 months old. He's at daycare for about 9 hours a day during the work week. He gets 3 bottles, totaling 12 ounces of expressed milk. He also gets about 2 teaspoons of a veggie and about 2 teaspoons of a fruit. Before/after daycare, he nurses about 5 times. Does this sound okay? I'm not sure if the amount of solids seem age-appropriate.
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    There's such a wide range in what's age appropriate when it comes to solids that as long as the baby is happy I wouldn't worry. Some 8 month olds aren't yet eating any solids (my first was like that), and some are eating full meals, and there's every variation in between. Since breastmilk alone is sufficient to meet all your baby's needs for around the first year, the amount of solids you're offering sounds fine to me. He's old enough that you could start offering him finger foods and letting him experiment with getting them into his own mouth. O-shaped cereal is a good first choice, but you can also offer things like smashed soft-cooked veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, carrots, etc.) and soft fruit pieces. Just make sure the pieces are non-choking hazard sized, and let him get busy!

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    I have a whole meals baby, has at least one second stage sized thing of baby food, some kind of finger food, and still nurses like a maniac at every meal time, plus little finger food snacks in between. Got a little piglet on my hands.

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