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Thread: What age can baby set nursing schedule?

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    Default What age can baby set nursing schedule?

    I know early on a baby is supposed to eat every three hours during the day and no more than four hour stretches at night. My baby is past the age of the "wake them up for night feedings" and she gains weight well (6-10 oz a week at times). The day time feedings I was making sure she ate every 3 hours, but occasionally she wants to go one four hour stretch in the day. She seems to be perfectly capable of "alerting" me that she's hungry now that she's two months old. When can I just let her judge her own eating times?


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    Default Re: What age can baby set nursing schedu

    I think you are fine to nurse on demand, especially when weight gain is good. There are so many schools of thought on the wake to feed theory anyway. Many believe you should never wake a sleeping baby. But tell that to the mom who is scared that her baby hasn't gained any weight or was born early and with complications. But I think you can go with the flow now.
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    After 6 weeks I think you can feel absolutely free to let your baby set the schedule, provided that she's gaining weight well (and she is). Prior to 6 weeks it can still be okay to let the baby set the schedule, but you want to be a little more cautious.

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    I let my son notify my when he is hungry. I never let him go longer then 3 1/2 hours between feedings...although he hardly ever makes it to 3hour. Go with your gut and what you feel is right for your lo

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    For most babies, feeding on demand is fine. When Joe was a newborn he wanted to nurse every 5 minutes, including nighttimes, so I never needed to worry about THAT. But for sleepy, jaundiced babies, sometimes you have to wake them up to make sure they get enough. It depends on the baby, but from everything you're saying, sounds like you can wait for your baby to ask.

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