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Thread: Maca Root safe? (Libido Boost Q!)

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    Default Maca Root safe? (Libido Boost Q!)

    Hi ladies,
    I'm sorry if I'm not posting this is the right area (first time posting/visiting this forum). I have a 15 month old DD and I need some advice from other nursing mamas. I have not had a PP period yet and my sex drive is literally NIL! My poor DH has been hanging on by a thread these past few months and I'm starting to get desperate and look into herbs/foods that might bump up my libido to SOMETHING.

    I keep reading about maca root, seems to be the new craze. Is this safe to take while nursing? I have no plans to wean anytime soon (and DD doesn't seem to have any plans in that direction either). We still nurse day/night, although, I'm looking into possibly limiting the night nursing (I received advice from my local LLL member about trying to wean at night between 3-5AM and this possibly helping me get my cycle back).

    I'm hoping that once I am ovulating again, I'll get some libido back (or at least maybe not have it be so painful when we try?). Also would like to try to have another baby in the next few months.

    I never imagined THIS would be the hardest thing about having a baby.

    Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can provide!!

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    Default Re: Maca Root safe? (Libido Boost Q!)

    There's another herb to look at too Vitex - I think some mom's use that to try and get their cycles back. My libido is non-existent unless I am ovulating
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    Default Re: Maca Root safe? (Libido Boost Q!)

    I was unable to find any info on Maca Root in "Medications and Mother's Milk," "The Nursing Mother's Herbal," or " Nonprescription Drugs for the Breastfeeding Mother."

    Here's the number to Dr. Hale's Infant Risk Center: (806)-352-2519.

    Give them a call and see what info they can dig up
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    Default Re: Maca Root safe? (Libido Boost Q!)

    Shatavari is also used to boost estrogen. Has the side effect of increasing milk supply though, which may or may not be what you want.

    If you haven't night weaned, you could also consider that. If your LO is nursing at night a lot, it can increase prolactin, which drives down estrogen and prevents ovulation and decreases libido.
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