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Thread: 14 months old - don't want to pump wean

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    Default 14 months old - don't want to pump wean

    My daughter is 14 months old. I work full time 4 days per week and pump for her when I am working.

    She breastsfeeds the normal way when I am with her - which is all the time when I am not working. I've never given her a bottle when I am with her.

    According to her auntie and daddy who are with her when I am not, she LOVES her pumped milk during the day. She takes 8 ounces along with solid food for breakfast lunch and snacks.

    Because of this I do not want to pump wean yet.

    Did anyone else wait to pump wean until much past one?

    I noticed my supply did not come back up the way it ususally does after my cycle this month. I am a little concerned. I have not changed/decrease by pumping schedule and I feed on demand plus nap time, got hurt-time, in a bad mood time...

    We also co-sleep and she breastfeeds a LOT at night - every 3 or so hours.

    Does/did anyone have supply issues that this point?
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    Default Re: 14 months old - don't want to pump w

    My LO is 14 mos and I'm not pump weaning either. I pump what you do, 8 - 10oz a day. Mine is allergic to dairy, but I think I'd rather have it this way even if he could have milk. Also we have a sweet mother's room at work. Idk what I'd do without that nice quiet time.

    Good job! The more milk the better

    RE: supply, I find that it's easier to eat less calories now that my lo is over one. Not sure what changed, but if I up the calories my milk comes back better after my (would be) cycle. I also have had good luck with brewers yeast.
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    Default Re: 14 months old - don't want to pump w

    I did start pump weaning around a year, but I wasn't done until fourteen or fifteen months. For a long time I pumped once a day, which was really easy, and I was still able to bring home a couple bottles of milk every day.

    I think you should keep pumping as long as you want to and feel like there is a benefit. There are other ladies here who did not pump wean at a year. It's especially common for moms of babies with dairy allergies, but really, you shouldn't feel like you need any reason for pumping longer. The milk never stops being beneficial to your baby. Pump weaning at a year is optional, but if you're happy pumping, keep it up!

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    Default Re: 14 months old - don't want to pump w

    I EPed for 2 1/2 years. The only reason I weaned from the pump is because my dd1 was getting older and wanting to play more. She loved her mommy milk, but she also liked going to the park and the like and our life was revolving around me pumping every three hours, and less fun time with DD. (much different then nursing, cause you can go to the park and nurse at the park pretty easily, pumping is a bit more strange, and people think you are crazy sitting there with a pump when your child is that old. lol). But, if I had kept up my schedule, conceivably I could of kept on going, I wasn't having any output problem, and still had milk in my breast even after slowly weaning from the pump for months after weaning from the pump, and that was with out her nursing at all.

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    Default Re: 14 months old - don't want to pump w

    I didn't start to pump wean until 15 months and we had enough in the freezer to keep DD going until she was 21 months...

    If you don't want to stop, I don't see a reason for you to have to!
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    Default Re: 14 months old - don't want to pump w

    Hi! My son is 2 and I work 3 12 hour shifts a week. I still have not completely pump weaned. He drinks 1 or 2 cups of breastmilk a day while I am at work. I pump on my lunch break and maybe one other time. I pump about 7-10 oz total while I am at work. My son does not tolerate cows milk well (rashes) and cant have juice (allergic to apples) and is SUCH a picky eater. So I will continue to pump for him as long as I think he needs it... When we are at home I just nurse him, no pumping unless I am at work.

    I too, never gave him bottles when I was at home. And I do offer him water in a cup or sippy.. its available most of the time at home, but honestly he would rather just nurse!

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