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Thread: Milk is Not Coming!

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    I just had my baby a week ago and my milk is barely coming in. I am on fenugreek...started yesterday and just started reglin. I am not sure why my milk is just not flowing...it makes no sense..I never thought this kind of a problem would exist. My mom had milk when we were babies within 4 days. I am also pumping when my baby eats formula...we are doing a nipple guard/formula feeding to start the process or help promote the process of breastfeeding. I don't plan on giving up, but I am scared that I may never produce milk. I do see specs of milk coming out of my breast when I press on my boob...I do get droplets in my medela botttle when I pump...but I can't even get an ounce. Is anything going to change? Should I pump outside of my baby's feedings and increase medela pump to help stimulate my milk production faster??? I want support and need advice...please help!

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    The best way to produce milk is to bring your baby to your breast. Your milk is a supply/demand thing. You will only supply what is being demanded which is why it's so important to nurse 10-12 times in a 24 hour period for the first six weeks.

    Why did you start offering formula? How often is your baby taking a bottle? Every time your baby has a bottle your body isn't getting the signal to make more milk. How often are you pumping?

    You can fix this! it's still very early

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    Excellent information and questions from the PP, as always. Usually all that is required for a mom to produce sufficient milk is for her to nurse the baby on demand, or every 2-3 hours (whichever comes first). The most common cause of milk being slow to come in or not being produced in sufficient volume is not nursing enough, which often happens if a mom starts using formula very early on. I'm not sure if this happened to you, but if you were told to supplement "just until your milk comes in" that could explain everything you are experiencing.

    However, here are some other things which can delay milk production or affect the quantity of milk which is produced:
    - difficult birth, especially a birth which results in a large volume of blood loss or c-section
    - retained placenta fragment or fragments
    - thyroid issues
    - PCOS
    - early separation of mama and baby
    - baby with difficulty nursing (can be caused by poor latching skills, low muscle tone, recessed jaw, tongue tie)
    - sleepy or jaundiced baby
    - previous breast or nipple surgery on mom
    - pregnancy
    - hormonal contraception

    If any of the above seem like possibilities, don't freak out: most of the above are fixable! Here are some things that should help:
    - nurse more often
    - pump more often (when a mom needs to increase supply, she should pump every time her baby eats and then pump in addition to that, aiming for a frequency of at least every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night)
    - use the best possible pump, which probably means using a hospital-grade rental
    - see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, for hands-on help

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    My milk took TWO WEEKS to fully come in, and I did have to take domperidone. After that all was fine and I actually had oversupply. He was nursing every hour in that time too. There are several things that could have caused it, but not nursing frequently enough wasn't one of them.

    Yes, we did supplement. My baby was dehydrated and not wetting diapers at 8 days old. But we always nursed first, then supplemented with 1 oz of formula, then I would pump.
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    Try keeping your baby skin-to-skin as much as possible. When my baby was born I kept him skin-to-skin pretty much all the time, and my milk came in the day after he was born. I gave this advice to SIL, and her milk came in very quickly with her last baby too. I have no empirical evidence that isn't anecdotal to support a relationship between skin-to-skin and milk production, but it does cause a surge of hormone production and can't hurt. Plus, there are a ton if other benefits as well.

    I also agree with the other posters that nursing as often as possible (and pumping if you cannot exclusively nurse) is the best way to increase milk production.

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    Hi momma, keep putting baby to breast and your milk will come in. Some women have it come in fast and super strong and other women it comes in slower. Mine also took about a week with both pregnancies, but it will come in.

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    Are you sure it isn't in already?? I ask because I didn't know mine had come in until a LC told me. After having my son, I thought I would wake up engorged and miserable, but I never felt it. I was pumping and trying to hand express and getting nothing but droplets on my nipple. Five days after (we were still in the hospital) I was asking the LC about it and she was able to express milk from me right away. I had no idea! I guess not everyones milk comes in all at once.
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