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    Dear all, my ds arrived 18 days ago and I am attempting to breastfeed him completely as much as possible. I sadly gave up on BF for my dd (now 2 years old) and only gave her expressed milk. While I'm a 2nd-time mom, this would be my 1st time trying to feed my LO from the breast. I'm using all my previous experiences and knowledge to guide myself to be more successful at BF now, I'm very thankful so far because my ds is able to latch on naturally.

    My question today is about a new pain I'm experiencing, my ds chomps on me very hard and one of my nipple is now quite bruise. Since he normally drinks from both breast, I have been nursing him for 1 and expressing the other for him until my nipple heals. Since this morning I have been experiencing pain on 1 side of the same breast with the bruise nipple. I wonder if I am having mastitis? I have no redness or lumps and I am not having any fever. Or does nipple pain extend all the way into breast tissue? The pain increases when my breast is engorged. Normally I am able to feel that its about time to feed, but now the pain distracts me from feeling it and it is bugging me because I can't "sense" this timing anymore

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    I think working on his latch is very important right now. do you have anyone close to provide hands on help/ like an IBCLC? Dr. Jack Newman's website also has great videos on correct latching. at this point it seems like an injured nipple/breast as opposed to mastitis from my point of view. Also because your breasts won't always feel full once your supply regulates, a good idea is to read the cues of baby to know when to nurse. Good Luck mama.
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    I too would venture to guess that the pain is caused by the injured nipple. The pain from thrush is more of a shooting pain after nursing, usually not during, and mastitis is similar to thrush with additional flu-like symptoms. Working on a good latch should help you get rid of any pain (although you may still have pain while your breast is healing). Often a shallow latch allows baby to bite/nip the breast whereas it's not as likely to occur with a deep latch. Also, when baby starts to bite down you should end the nursing session (if he's finished and just biting because he's full) or break the latch and start again.

    It's hard in the beginning because we just want our baby to nurse and not cry, but it's very important to ensure a good latch even if that means breaking an incorrect latch several times and starting over. Here is the link to Dr. Newman's website that the pp mentioned: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=videos I linked the video page, but there are also articles that describe how to encourage a good latch.

    You can take tylenol for the pain, and a hot compress may help as well.

    Have you heard of "dream feeding"? It's where you nurse them while they are sleeping. Babies have a natural need to suck so some mama's find it very successful to initiate a nursing session while baby is asleep. Your baby may be less likely to bite down in his sleep and it may help while your breast heals.

    Hang in there mama!

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