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Thread: Baby 10 weeks old need suggestions

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    My baby girl is 10 weeks old yesterday. She started out nursing great in the hospital immediatley after my csection. She did great the whole time in the hospital. After being home for about a week she started getting wore out very quickly nursing and so I started pumping. Orignally we were only giving her a bottle during the middle of the night so my husband could feed her and get that bonding. Know we are pretty much bottle feeding her breast milk I really want to get back to exclusively breastfeeding and at most one bottle a day and am thinking about completly cutting that out. Any suggestions to help get her back to the breast all the time? I have a good milk supply and so thats not an issue and she will nurse at times perfect and other times she screams when I bring her to the breast. Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance

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    Wow it is great you have kept you milk supply up & fed your baby by pumping all this time! It will likely be much easier on you to have baby nursing instead of all that pumping, so it is worth it too keep trying. It often takes persistance, and a good local breastfeeding helper would be great, but babies can be brought back to the breast many weeks and even months after birth, which is why we always tell moms who are having difficulties to do everything they can to keep up thier milk supply. Have you seen these articles? Many ideas for helping a baby to come back to the breast. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html & http://www.llli.org/FAQ/back.html

    Sometimes it can help to figure out what it is NOT. You know you have a good milk supply, so it is not an issue of low supply. I personally think we can also rule out that baby 'prefers' bottles. Babies are born to love to nurse, or else we never would have survived as a species (and no other mammals would have either.) Yes bottle feeding at an early age can cause issues-more on that below. But babies love the warmth of being in momma's safe arms, and nursing is an extension of that. (and yes, even if baby never nurses again, she can still have that warmth and comfort of closeness to mom of course.)

    So what else can make a baby fussy at the breast? One thing is too MUCH milk, or too much milk coming quickly, which is known as forceful letdown. There are many remedies for this. Sometimes baby does not like the position he is being placed in to nurse-and the positions baby prefers can change over time as she grows. Many moms, concerned about babies neck and head control, press on the back of babies head when they nurse, and many babies do not like that and it causes them to push back-away from the breast. Laid back nursing positions are one way to help with this. Also, because baby has had bottles, the possibility of nipple confusion or flow confusion is there. You have plenty of milk, but maybe it takes a bit of work at the breast for baby to get to that initial letdown. So you could try hand expressing (or pumping) until letdown, or simply dribbing expressed milk on the breast and nipple, to keep baby interested until let down. Breast compressions may help with that as well. If you continue to bottle feed, the technique described here may help:Bottle feeding the breastfed baby: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    When a mom calls me with a baby who is not nursing at all, I suggest she try to see a Board Certified lacation consultant. It can really help to have another pair of trained eyes watching baby nurse to try to figure out what is going on. If you cannot see an LC, you could contact your local LLL Leaders and see if anyone does home visits, or simply go to an LLL meeting.

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    My baby is 12 wks old and is finger feeding breastmilk for most of her nurishment. She had a stage 4 tongue tie, but even after a surgery to correct this, she has trouble nursing. We have been going to a physical therapist for cranio-sacral therapy for about 3 wks. This seems to be helping her a lot. She is now taking more milk at the breast, but it is still very frustrating to her. Even my IBCLC is baffled by her.

    My strategy is to BF as long as she will or for 30 minutes when she shows early hunger cues (before crying) and follow up with finger feeding while I pump. Some will argue that I shouldn't feed her on a pillow while I pump, but she won't sit still and let me pump without something to do. I figure that I have nursed for 30 minutes, and I also nurse her to sleep. I just do what I have to right now. As she gets older, I hope that she will get better at nursing and prefer it.

    What do you do?

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    You've gotten some great suggestions from PP. I wouldn't be surprised if you have overactive letdown - does your baby seem overwhelmed by the milk coming out very powerfully? The good news about that is that most babies "grow into" a strong flow as they get a bit bigger.

    Sleepy babies often take the breast better than wide-awake and hungry babies. The more you nurse your baby, the more you're training your baby to latch onto a breast instead of a bottle. Each and every nursing is a GOOD THING in the long run, even if it's short.

    Similarly, have you tried starting with a bottle, but moving to the breast after just an ounce. Sometimes if a baby has gotten enough so that they're not mad hungry, they'll latch better. You can pump through your fast letdown period and give the breast after you've pumped an ounce or so, when it's softer. These are just ideas. Keep experimenting!

    Just switching ONE bottle feeding for a breast feeding is a victory.

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