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Thread: Thinking about pump weaning?

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    Default Thinking about pump weaning?

    My little one is 11 months and I am thinking about trying to pump wean at a year. I pump twice at work now. I still want to continue to nurse after a year so would it be a bad idea to quit pumping or would I still have enough milk for him? I do not have much of a freezer stash and he pretty much gets the milk I've pumped the previous day while I'm at work. And if I quit pumping, what do I send to the sitter for him to drink while I'm at work. That seems like a silly question, but I'm really not keen on the idea of giving him cow's milk.

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    No, there's lots of moms here who quit pumping around 12 months and still go on to BF at home for months to even years.

    If your LO still NEEDS mama milk, like not eating solids well, not drinking something well, then you are going to have to work on that before quitting entirely. But if LO is not really needing your milk, then you can cut back on number of sessions and then start pumping for shorter periods of time.

    There are plenty of alternatives. I just have the sitters offer water and then let LO nurse all night if necessary.
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