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Thread: How do I know plugged duct is gone?

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    Default How do I know plugged duct is gone?

    Earlier today I suddenly became aware of a hard painful lump in my left breast (my theory is that the nursing bra I wore overnight was too tight), so I freaked out (as I tend to do with all things breastfeeding because I just REALLY REALLY REALLY want to make it work). I used heat before nursing my LO on that side (made it feel much worse), took ibuprofen (made it less painful), used ice in between nursing (made it feel better).

    During the last nursing session just now I massaged the lump with all my might and now I don't feel it anymore, but the area where it was is still pretty sore (I imagine as much from the plugged duct as from the forceful massage). Does this mean the plug has cleared out and I can stop freaking out?
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    Default Re: How do I know plugged duct is gone?

    Keep an eye on it, and you can nurse with your LO's chin pointing at the sore place to make sure it stays cleared out. It sounds like you might have gotten it. As I recall, though, my breasts would feel sort of bruised from a plugged duct for a day or so afterwards.

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    Default Re: How do I know plugged duct is gone?

    Yep, I would always feel sore just from working it so hard. Like Teal said, keep an eye on it but if it starts to feel better chances are it's gone.
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    Default Re: How do I know plugged duct is gone?

    I would keep a eye on it too. For me personally when I had one once, as soon as it unplugged I immideately felt relief! Instantly! So I think you may know if you did, but I am not sure since what the other ladies have said. But, for me I felt instant relief. And it felt kind of like a pimple popping. It was a huge amount though. At the time I was EPing as I couldn't get DD1 to nurse and I had to hand massage it out. At first very very very thick stuff came out, (maybe the size of say a tiny button-like the snaps on new born clothes), and then thinner but still thick, like puss but all white, flew out the size of my thumb (I know cause it landed on my thumb and was exactly that size), and then some thinner stuff came out. But, as soon as the medium thick stuff flew out I right away felt relief! I got a little thick stuff out for the next few days as I would check it daily, and kind of try to massage any left overs out.

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