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Thread: Nystatin with GSE

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    Default Nystatin with GSE

    Can nystatin be used with grapefruit seed extract? The nystatin alone doesn't seem to be working.

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    hi! i read yeast can be resistant to nystatin.

    i believe i had thrush a few weeks ago, it was just starting and i was a maniac about cleaning everything in vinegar, washing my breasts with vinegar, i put lotrimin on my nipples and on his bum, and i had my OBGYN call in a prescription for diflucan. i think the diflucan dose was too low honestly, but the fact that i was so crazy about cleaning toys, applying lotrimin, boiling nipples, plus it was not present for very long i think i was able to get it under control.

    is the nystatin a pill? i don't know for sure if you cant take it with the grape seed extract.

    you could just get a prescription for diflucan, just make sure its the right level and also bring the baby to the pediatrician and get diflucan for him/her. if you could get a script for all purpose nipple ointment too from your dr that would be great.

    this resource from kellymom was helpful:


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