I feel so blessed that SaraAn does sleep through the night. Even though last night she was up for the first time in months. Giving a baby formula does not in my opinion make them sleep longer. SaraAn has been bf since she came home and she slept fine from early on. She did nurse better today. I think the problem was the amount of distraction around the house with her two older brothers.She is starting to get very curious about the world around her. My husband keeps asking when am I going to stop nursing, he does support me and bf but I feel like he is pushing the issue. I am not ready to stop and I feel that I should not till I or her is ready. Any suggestions on dealing with the insecurities of the debate with my husband? I already felt inadequate this week when she did not want to nurse. Is this feeling of inadequatecy normal or is it all hormonal? I am sure someone else here must feel the same way.