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Thread: 7-mo not excited about solids

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    Hello, first time poster. My 7-month-old will eat solids (mostly fruits), but he is not terribly enthusiastic about it. Some days he will only eat once, when the doctor recommended twice a day. Is this normal? And is he getting the nutrition he needs? He still nurses as much as always.

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    I have read on hear many times that solids are just for fun & exploration for the first year. Breastmilk is still the supplier of most/all of the nutrients.
    My son was not excited about starting solids around 7 months-he screamed!
    We just started my girls on a bit and the first 2 attempts were met with resistance. last night DD1 was having fun. DD2 wanted no part. We are going to take our time and enjoy the experience!
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    At this age, solids are indeed for experimentation. Breastmilk should be his main source of nutrition (always nurse before offering solids). Don't worry about how much solid food he is eating mama. As long as he's happy and gaining weight, everything is fine. I recommend the book Baby-Led Weaning by Gill Rapley. Oh, and there's whole thread dedicated to this topic further down on the home page called Introducing Solids.
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    He's fine. 7 mos is still on the early side and it's not going to be replacing nutritional needs met from your milk for quite some time.
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    No worries. Breastmilk alone is sufficient to meet a baby's nutritional needs until around 1 year of age. After that point, solids become an increasingly important part of the baby's diet, but many babies don't start consuming a majority solids diet until well into their second year of life.

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    Yeah what momma said, I haven't had a baby be that interested in eating much solids till nearly 3 years old. they love mommy milk. Sure they will taste a few things here and there but be excited to down a whole meal of solids, nope....not till well in to year 2.

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