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Thread: To breastfeed or to not?

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    Here's a great article that explains it all: http://www.kellymom.com/health/illne...y-illness.html

    Keep nursin' Momma!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*joe.s.mom View Post
    Not sure what this doc said, but often they're not saying do formula instead - they're saying no milk or formula; only pedialyte or whatever?
    Oh, that makes sense! Your interpretation, that is- not the advice. I just didn't think any doc would advise taking nutrition away completely while waiting for diarrhea to go away. It seemed too insane.

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    Insane advice is given all the time! lol When I was a baby, I had a spit up problem, and the dr told my mom to stop feeding me all together. My mom asked how long, and he said if you feed her she will spit up so just don't. My mom said she will eventually die if she doesn't eat.......the dr shrugged and said, yeah. My mom is a very literal person and doesn't take things with humor or a grain of salt. She takes every thing literally. I was just a baby so I don't know if the dr was joking or just no sense. But, yeah people/drs say stupid things all the time.

    That being said, keep on nursing. There's nothing better or easier on a babies inside then mommy's milk which is specifically designed for your LO. Your specific milk changes and enhances especially for your LO! Your milk is the best thing you can give her.

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    Agree with all the mamas on here. Keep BFing! BM will hydrate your baby better than formula, water or pedialyte. BM will also be easier for your baby to absorb the nutrients since everything in BM is easily absorbed and does not require baby to breakdown any components for absorption (unlike formula). Also, the comfort that nursing would provide baby during baby's time of illness would definitely help!

    hope your babe gets better mama, hang in there!

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    That doctor is an idi&$...

    First time mom to Little Luisa.

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