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Thread: need help pump and bottle weaning

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    Default need help pump and bottle weaning

    My daughter will be 14mo on the 14th of Nov. She currently gets appx 3 four oz bottles of bm/24hrs when she isn't with me (plus me nursing her when I am with her which is prob 3 more nursing sessions). Anyway, my job will be changing in mid Nov-December and I won't be able to pump anymore. I work 12hr overnights and pump twice now (I get about 8oz). So I need to wean her from the bottle. What is the best way to do this?

    And I feel like I should pump like crazy while I still can so I can build a bit of a freezer stash (there's not much there now-maybe 12oz). But I also don't want to get plugged ducts/mastitis after I quit pumping. I plan to keep nursing her as long as she wants, but she just won't be able to get bottles of breast milk when she's away from me.

    I'm worried not pumping at work will kill my supply

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    Default Re: need help pump and bottle weaning

    Two comments... I don't know if you'll get to see this but I hope so :-)

    #1 - you are smart to think about avoiding plugged ducts. That would definitely be a risk if you started pumping like crazy and then suddenly stop altogether. It's a good idea to wean them down before hand, I hope you were/are able to do that.

    #2 - stopping pumping at work will be a hit to your supply but it will absolutely NOT "kill" your supply! I stopped pumping at work with my first son, but we continued to nurse (when i got home from work, then at bedtime, and once in the morning before I left for work) -- and we continued the at-home nursing for about a full year and a half after I stopped all pumping! (He weaned at almost age 3 yrs)

    Good luck to you!

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