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Thread: Pump in style vs. Freestyle?

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    Question Pump in style vs. Freestyle?

    Just wondering what the difference is between the Medela Pump in Style and the Medela Freestyle?

    Is there much of a difference?

    I'm looking at getting a good pump this time around. i went through 4 cheaper with DD and wished i would have just spent the up front money to buy a good one the first time around instead of cutting costs and getting a cheap one that would break so quickly.
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    Default Re: Pump in style vs. Freestyle?

    I've use both and thought the performance was similar. For me a big "plus" for the freestyle is the small size, portability & running off a rechargeable battery.
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    Default Re: Pump in style vs. Freestyle?

    Very similar performance-wise. But the Freestyle fits in my purse, which was a huge benefit for me in my situation.
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