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Thread: Rules about heating/reheating breastmilk

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    Default Rules about heating/reheating breastmilk

    I have to pump now that I'm back at work and baby is staying with daddy. Once a bottle has been defrosted I KNOW that I can't refreeze it but if it's been heated for 10 seconds and given to baby but she doesn't eat the whole bottle, can we put it in the refrigerator and give it to her at her next feeding 3 hours later? Or later that day? Can I reheat it again for 10 seconds at her next feeding??

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    Default Re: Rules about heating/reheating breast

    I wouldn't. Frozen milk should only be heated once and used within 24 hours of thawing.

    Reheating a partially used bottle of refrigerated milk is up for discussion. Some people will say don't do it, others will say it is fine. I am willing to reheat a partially used bottle of previously refrigerated milk once within a few hours of first use.
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    Default Re: Rules about heating/reheating breast

    I never heat it up in the first place And yes, I reuse breast milk if my baby doesn't finish a bottle for whatever reason. I don't toss.
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