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I have been pumping like crazy today for tomorrow night. I have been scalding everything I pump today because I don't really have time before I go back to work to figure out how long my milk will last before it turns. The good thing is that I only have to work one night then 4 off so I can have that time to figure how long my fresh pumped will last in the fridge before I need to scald. A couple of questions. I have been reading through the scalding thread (thank god it's here),, I noticed the milk I pumped last night and scalded had a "skin" on top I just mixed it into the milk and froze the milk. Is this okay? Is the skin something that needs to come off? Also after I scald how long can the milk be in the fridge before I should freeze? And if I defrost the milk I scalded last night and froze will this be a good test? Or should the milk be frozen longer to really be a good test if this is truly a lipase problem and that I am going about the scalding problem correctly?
I use a double boiler type setup. But you can use a bottle warmer too. I went to the double boiler setup cause I can do 3 bottles at a time. If you use the double boiler or the bottle warmer you dont really get a skin on the top. Make sure to put it in an ice bath after so it cools down quickly. After scalding, non of the milk I have defrosted has been an issue, but I dont have a huge stash, so nothing is over 45 days in my freezer. I know that other mommys have frozen for a much longer time in a deep freezer.

I'm glad you figured it out pretty quick, I had never heard of it & bought a fortune in different types of bottles trying to figure out what was wrong before I found the lipase thread.