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Thread: Free Nipple Graft Reduction

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    While reading the BFAR book, I discovered that the free nipple graft technique has the least likelihood of producing milk. Unfortuately, this is the type of surgery I had seven years ago. That was deeply discouraging and I almost want to just say forget it and not try. I am 32 weeks pregnant and REALLY wanted to BF my new baby. Has anyone that has had this type of reduction had any success with BFing? By success I mean any milk production whatsoever. It doesn't matter how little. I don't mond having to supplement, even if it is more supplementing than my own milk. Thanks a million to anyone that has info...

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    I think you might get more knowledgeable responses from the bfar.org forums: http://bfar.org/. I wish you the best of luck!

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    Even a small amount of milk is great for your baby. Unfortunately, after a reduction, most women don't know how much milk they can make unless they try. But for most women, it's worth at least trying.

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