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    I am going to start dropping off at the babysitter for practice tomorrow. I want to put some frozen in the fridge to start to thaw. Is it ok to put it in now (11:20 am) and for it to still be good until 4:30 tomorrow? I know the guideline is 24 hours, but just want to see if it is ok to be a little longer.

    The reason is I want to start them in the fridge to thaw and then get the bottles ready tonight for tomorrow? Or should I just get the frozen stash and put them in water later tonight to get them ready? Obviously this is the first time I am doing this!


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    In my experience (which is limited) breast milk defrosts very easily. If it's in a bag, your caregiver can defrost it under some warm running water or by putting the bag or bottle in a bowl of warm water quite easily. You could also do the same in the morning or tonight and then put it in the bottle for babysitter.

    I am not sure how long it would take to defrost in the fridge, but surely not longer than overnight? So I don't see why you cannot put the frozen milk in the fridge this evening for tomorrow. Then you will be within the 24 hour window.

    This will depend to some degree of course on how much frozen milk is in each bag/container. More will take longer. But it is recommended to only provide the caregiver with individual small amounts (2 ounces or so in each bottle or container) as this cuts down on waste. But again, I don't know what amounts you froze the milk in originally. This is a recent recommendation and covers safe handling of human milk and also tips for bottle feeding the breastfed baby, I suggest you print it out for your babysitter if you can. Your right, it does say refridgerate thawed milk for up to 24 hours. But some of that time it will be thawing, not thawed. So can you go longer? Maybe, but I assume it's taking a risk that seems unnecesary. Interesting that you can refreeze the thawed milk, though. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...fyour_milk.pdf

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    Why don't you give her frozen as she can defrost as needed? Then no wasting thawed milk. It take like 1 minute to thaw under warm water.
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