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Thread: Suggestions to get 6 month old to gain?

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    I too have a skinny kid. As long as your baby is following more or less a curve, and it sounds like yours is, it should not matter where they are on it. Ten or fifteen percent points are nothing. My son had not started solids either (until 6m), our pediatrician suggested starting with jarred baby food meats first. Actually she recommends this for most breast feed babies because they start solids later. Then to slowly add veggies, fruit, full fat yogurt, mashed beans … Add butter or oil if you are concerned about weight. A second opinion from a different doc may give you more confidence .

    On a side note our pediatrician did show concern when he was 18 months and had dropped off the charts in weight and had gone from the 80-90% in length to the 28%. Then we were told to remove water from his diet all together. They ran a bunch of tests, and guess what? He is just skinny (like his dad)! Now at two he's at the 4% in weight and 76% in length. Growth charts are just numbers, and every baby is different.

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    At my older son's 6-month appt, he was 12 lbs ish. He was always 1st to 5th percentile in everything. Some kids just aren't huge eaters. Your son sounds happy and on-track. As long as he's gaining, growing and meeting milestones, I wouldn't worry.

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    I think it's just your kid momma. My DD was a very slow gainer till the 18mo -2 yr mark. I was lucky in the sense that our Ped didn't use the normal growth chart ( when I asked why he said it just compares her to the "average" of other kids and not all kids are the same) so he strictly went off how she was doing developmentally and her height to weight ratio ( not taking age in to consideration) he said he would be more worried if she never ever gained but she always gained even a little and was a very active baby especially at the 6 months mark. Now at almost 2.5 years she is around the 25% and doing very well/ahead developmentally, i'm very happy that the Ped did that for us. with solids that thing of starting rice cereal at 4 months is an old school method of thought and solids should be started when your baby shows interest, can sit up on own.. literally will try and take whatevers on your plate or from your hand. Plus BM is higher in everything good for your baby and calories. If your worried about Iron i would maybe ask them to test your LO's blood and see if the Iron is low if it is then look at a supplement for iron. I would look for a new Ped that your more comfortable with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lovebug0411 View Post
    She's all about the iron and feels that's why he's not growing. She thinks the easiest way to get him the iron is through cereal.
    BUT..it's iron that the cereal is fortified with. It's not naturally there. So it's NOT very absorbable. If you want iron you get it from whole real foods that have it. So that it's easily absorbed.

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