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Thread: coffee..caffeinE

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    I quit drinking coffee when I got pregnant with my DS, but after a month I was having a hard time functioning I had terrible migranes for weeks and was very exhausted. So I went back to drinking just every now and then. I drank a cup or so after he was born and noticed he had problems sleeping. It got better after a few months, so now he is almost 10 months and I drink about 1-3 cups a day. Mainly in the morning.
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    I didnt drink coffee until I had DS. Second worst sleeper in the world my baby body. The newborn that slept maybe 9hrs in a 24hr period. I tried coffee to see if it would help me (why I thought this I don't know I can go to sleep after a can of energy drink) and found I liked the taste these days. I guess I am finally a "grown up" my mom swore I would like it when I became an adult.
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    I drink 1-2 cups a day. It's never affected my baby or his sleep.

    I guess I just don't want mamas to think breastfeeding their baby is some horribly difficult ideal to attain. That they can never have a coffee or a soda or a glass of wine or medication or they are mainlining it straight to the baby. It's just not accurate, it's not how biology works. And most of the time, all of the things I mentioned are a hell of a lot safer than formula feeding.
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    I am drinking 3 cups a day now. I used to drink wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more before I got PG. I need to get back to one cup a day. But I love it so much. Sigh....

    Years ago I went to Mexico for 3 months. They only had this nasty instant crap, so I stopped drinking it totally. Then I hit US soil, walked by a Starbucks and fell into the arms of the bean once again.

    I actually didn't have a drop of coffee the first week after my daughter was born. What a nightmare! Ugh!!!!! No wonder I was such a mess! 4 degree tear, milk coming in late, engorgement, trying to learn how to nurse, a newborn AND no coffee????? Clearly, I was insane. My partner brought me a half caff latte from SBUX, and it was like an angel sat on my shoulder and murmured sweet nothings in my ear.

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    I voted both zero and one... I occasionally have a Starbucks beverage with one shot in it, and also have maybe a cup of black tea a day, but I've cut back due to the darn vasospasms I keep having. Mostly just herbal/green teas these days. But I've never been a coffee drinker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*oakdryad5 View Post
    I did notice though that people (especially on facebook) got very defensive if you mention quitting coffee. As if my quitting is somehow judging their drinking it. I didn't quit for some moral reason, just got tired of drinking/making it/being dependent on it in the morning. I miss it still but not enough to make it.
    Because Addicts are defensive when you point out that what they are addicted to is addictive.
    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*oakdryad5 View Post
    but yea the facebook people, they endlessly commented on my caffiene quitting with how they could never ever give up their coffee. and how it is so good for you now (studies have shown), etc etc. I don't disagree! you'd think i said I was going to quit sleeping or something
    Yeah that's all crap. It's bad. It Leaches calcium from yoru bones and there is a new study out that says that women who drink it are twice as likely to have miscarriages as women who don't. http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pre.../caffeine.html
    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*charadawn View Post
    Well for all the people who think the ingest no caffine, I wonder if they stopped eating chocolate????
    It's completely possible to live without either.

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