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Thread: pulling back when nursing?

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    Default pulling back when nursing?

    My ds will be 2 weeks on Tuesday i am ebf and these past two days he is pulling back while feeding, while hes still on the nipple. It is starting to hurt. Why is he doing this? It happens more on my left side. Sometimes he will also cough and when he finishes he leaks milk all out of his mouth. Any advice, things have been fine until recently

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    Default Re: pulling back when nursing?

    It could be his way of coping with a letdown. If the milk flows too fast for the baby, he may respond by pulling back, pulling off, or compressing the nipple. It's like an adult crimping the straw to slow or stop the liquid.
    This link covers fast letdowns:http://kellymom.com/momblog/bf/got-m.../fast-letdown/
    This one is more general, on fussiness during nursing:http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...e-nursing.html

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