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Thread: Possible reflux???

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    Default Possible reflux???

    Just wondering if those with more reflux experience can chime in on if that's what's happening here. LO is having problems spitting up large amounts of milk. Definetly not just normal spit up. It's so much I sometimes wonder if she's really throwing up. It happened when she was about 1.5 weeks for the first time and a week later it's now happening about every other day. Usually just once a day. Other times she has normal spit up. But when she has these big ones it comes through her nose and leaves HUGE puddles. Also, there are other times (usually after) that she makes gagging/I'm about to throw up faces, but nothing comes up. And she sounds like she choking and gagging when she spits up. And looks uncomfortable. And usually likes to be held upright and seems like her tummy hurts a lot. She's gaining plenty of weight. At first I thought maybe she was just getting my milk too fast and couldn't handle it, but my milk doesn't seem to be drowning her anymore and she's continuing to have problems. Sometimes it's 20 minutes after a feeding. Sometimes 1-2 hours later.

    Dr. thought it could be reflux, but said just watch her. She'd only done it once when we saw him, Now we don't go back for a couple months. I'm wondering if that's what going on and if there's something I can do to help her? He talked about medicine, but said they don't start that this young. I try to keep her calm and rested after nursing and then put her upright as I burp her and just hold her for a while after each time. But I'm not sure what else I can do. Is this reflux? Or something else going on?

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    Default Re: Possible reflux???

    It does sound like it could be reflux. My daughter had it severely, so I did get some advice from a lactation consultant on how to help manage it. First can you nurse with her sitting a bit more upright? I know she's young, but if you can angle her where her head is a bit more elevated than the rest of her body, it might help. Also, if you are having a heavy, fast let down, I found that leaning back a bit (aka reclining) helps slow the flow down. When LOs are gulping down BM, they are usually gulping air, too, and that can make for a bout of spitting up, too. Also, let her completely finish nursing on one side before you offer the other breast. The more hind milk she gets, the more likely it will stay down better as it is thicker. Make sure to burp her well, too. Also, don't rock while your nurse, and don't bounce, jostle or make a lot of movements when she is finished. The best thing is to sit her upright for thirty minutes.

    Right now, you can only really watch and monitor her symptoms. Based on what you are saying, it does seem to be reflux, but if you are every concerned, you DON'T have to wait until her next appointment. You can always call her doctor back and let him know what is going on with her. The good news is, usually as LOs get older, the severity lessens particularly when they are able to sit up on their own. DD1's reflux diminished greatly when she started solids (around 5 months) and this was about the same time she was sitting up.

    Good luck, and hopefully, this will resolve quickly for you!

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