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Thread: Hydrocodone and breastfeeding

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    My iburophen 800 is not helping my aches and pains. Does anyone know if it's ok to take Hydroc-APAP 300 mg. I have some in my medicine cabinet. I won't take it if it's not safe, but have heard conflicting opinions. Just checking. Babe is almost 6 mo.

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    Are you able to call the infant risk center? They can explain to you what the research says and does not say about breastfeeding and any medication. Call today, they are not open weekends iirc. Number on this webpage: http://www.infantrisk.com/

    The problem with any medication risk is that it is not as cut and dried as safe vs. unsafe. After all, pretty much any medication has some potential risk to the person who takes it. Whenever any person takes a medication, they are balancing the risk vs. the need. It is a bit more complicated when a nursing mother takes a medication, because she is looking at not only her risk but any risk to her infant vs. her need for the medication, and she also has to factor in the risk of NOT breastfeeding if weaning is considered so that she can take a medication.

    My copy of Medications and Mother's Milk by Hale is on the old side, 2010. But in it Hale rates hydrocodone as L3 (moderately safe) and (for comparison) Ibuprofen as L1 (safest.) With the hydrocodone, dosage matters, as there is evidence that a certain dose causes drowsiness and possibly other issues in the infant. too much of such a medication going into baby is of course very dangerous, but I am not sure how much a mom would have to take to get to that point. Since my Hale is old I am not going to get into what dose because that information may have changed. In my Hale he suggests timing the time mother takes the medication might be helpful to avoid as much exposure by the infant. Again, the folks at infant risk can explain in more detail what the ratings mean and dosages etc.

    I would also strongly suggest talk to your doctor about the pain you are having and whether or not taking your old medication for it is appropriate for YOU. I am going to guess they will want to at the very least write you a new prescription. And maybe they or someone can help you figure out the source of the pain and work on that.
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