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Thread: 9 mo well check-up...so frustrated

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    My DS has never slept in his crib either. A few times when he was younger & not so mobile I was able to slip away during naps but can't do that anymore since he's crawling. I think I'm going to try something similar to your living room idea thx!!

    Thx for your comforting words! I love that my LO naps at the breast too The few times that he hasn't , ie. in stroller or car ride, I was a lil sad...lol.

    Yep, I have to just nod & smile because I know what I'm doing for my son works for us....& they have no say. I just have to learn to not let them get to me. I guess it also bothered me because it also made my DH doubt what we're doing & made him nervous when she said our DS will have sleep problems as he gets older...& also the part about the iron.
    My DSdoesnt take a paci, but I'm definitely going to give the sneaking way thing a whirl again. I had stopped trying a while back because it wasn't working but its worth a try again I'll eve try the sheet swaddle. Thx!

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    If ped is concerned do an iron check. We need our doc for actual doctoring and haven't found one in nearly two years that is covered by our hmo that we agree with. So I lie. We co sleep and are practicing extended breastfeeding. We didn't start solids until 11 months (weight was in 90th percentile). I wish I could be more open about ourselves so docs would realize that breastfeeding and cosleeping are more of the norm ... but I just don't have that energy.

    I know lying is not a good idea, especially to a doc but I say she sleeps fine, eats great and we barely breastfeed anymore (lie, lie and lie). At 22 months her health and weight don't concern him so I spare my sanity by not indulging. Although I am very vocal about not agreeing with cry it out. My stock phrase is that she sleeps great and when she does wake she is easy to get back down so there is no need. If they do insist I say I don't want to hear it and she is too young to learn about self soothing. But that is pretty much the only fight I pick.

    being a SAHM to DD born 12/09

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    You are not alone my baby is 9 month old wakes up 2 time at night to feed. We co-sleep too and her naps are only 1 hour or shorter and i have to hold her when she naps or lay beside her for her to nap. I did start to give her some baby food at 6 months but it was once a day. She now gets food ateast twice a day sometimes she eats and sometimes she does not. But her main food is still breast milk.

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    My LO is about 5.5 months old and she also struggles with the naps. The only thing that helps is the pacifier and sometimes sleeping on her tummy. I read the book "healthy sleep happy child," and it is helpful I believe. My girl has been sleeping 8-10 hours through the night since about 2 months because we followed the advice in that book. The nap has just been harder, but she will sleep 30-1 hr approximately every 2-3 hours. The book says if your baby is up more than 2 hours, he or she is overstimulated and needs to sleep.

    I have a friend who swears by the book and has made the advice work well for nap time and bed time. She lets her baby cry though, but that baby really does get some great sleep and good naps. I have a harder time furberizing around nap time with my LO. I think she's just too little to ignore still. Bed time is easier because she rarely fusses, and if she does it's just a matter of popping the pacifier back in once or twice before she falls asleep. I think the book calls that the modified method-- you're not ignoring your child, you're reassuring her by coming in at intervals to soothe the crying, but you let each interval between your "check ins" last longer and longer.

    All that said, it's really all about your parenting style and what works for you.

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