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    My baby's 1month at the hospital I did not bottle feed or no pacifers....but just before we were discharge my baby lost 13oz she was on my breast every 2hour for about 1hr each feeding and she would fall asleep but appearently she wasnt getting enough to keep her weight so they told me i needed to supplement w/ formula so i been supplementing and pumping but im only producing 1oz-1/2oz everytime i pump she latches on for awhile until she fall asleep and then when i detach her she wakes up straving (im taking fenugreek and mothersmilk tea) i really want to just breastfeed but im not producing enough milk what can i do?Please Help!

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    are you saying you're making an ounce of milk when pumping after nursing her? If she wakes up starving, put her back on your breast. The best way to increase your supply is to keep having that baby on your breast. Every time she sucks, that's telling your body to make more milk.

    Also, pumping is not a good indication of what you're actually giving your baby while she's on your breast. Young babies fall asleep often, and it doesn't mean they're finished eating, just taking a break - so instead of feeding her on a set schedule, just try feeding on demand -- when she wakes up hungry, even if she just at twenty minutes ago, but her back on your breast.

    Welcome Mama, and congrats on the new baby!!
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    Congrats on your little one!

    It's normal for babies to lose 10-20% of their birth weight in the first couple of days. I'm inclined to think that you received bad advice while in the hospital. If you nurse on demand only (no supplementing) for 24 hours and count wet diapers you will have a better idea of your supply. If your baby produces at least 5-6 sopping wet diapers you are making enough milk. To find out what a "sopping wet" diaper looks like you can take a new diaper and measure 4 tablespoons of water and pour into it - then lift it so you know how heavy it should be. And keep in mind that 24 hours includes overnight diapers as well

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    before i nurse i pump and in between feedings i pump to try to produce more milk but my baby is still hungry but im going to try to go a day without bottle feeding and just breastfeed and count her daipers see how it goes the fenugreek has me smelling like syrup its suppose to indicate more milk supply i really hope i can get thru this shes my last baby and i really want her to be breastfed

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