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Thread: Link btw m.sickness meds & reflux babes?

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    Default Link btw m.sickness meds & reflux babes?

    Hi there,

    I had terrible, terrible morning sickness while pregnant (was hospitalised for a week) and lived on dramamine from 3 months to 6 months...my 14 week old Lili has silent reflux and I am wondering how many of you can see a link either between your having bad morning sickness and your baby having acid reflux and/or the meds you took causing this in your child...

    This is mine and Lili's story so far:

    Here is an update on Lili: Daytimes, we have to take it in turns to hold her while she sleeps or she just can't make past 30 mins and gets v overtired. This alone takes a toll on DH and I but for the last 3 weeks she has been feeding every 1-2 hours day AND NIGHT! Her weight gain and health is excellent which was masking a problem that only became apparent when I reached out for help this week utterly exhausted (she also won't now take bottles so I cannot get a break - due to oversupply I stopped expressing some weeks ago).

    We took her to a pediatrician on the advice of a UK health visitor who suspected silent reflux...this is when acid comes up into the oesophagus but instead of spitting up it goes back down, burning her both ways. This makes her incredibly fussy, and stops her getting good sleep as well as causing her to need soothing milk in small meals. Reluctantly and without much hope we tried her on the Domperidone (I was also on this while pregnant with her for a little while but ironically it didn't work for me) we were prescribed and hey presto - she slept 3x 3 hour blocks for 2 nights now and is much less fussy daytimes. Seems incredible to me that I would have to give this drug 3 times per day to such a young baby but she is suffering without it - and us too. We may have to start her on a v small amount of baby rice in a month at 18 weeks or so and hope this helps and we can stop the meds. She was sleeping with us but now is on a specially raised anti acid mattress next to the bed with her head higher than her feet. I hope she continues to improve for her own sake and so I can leave the house at some point for more than an hour!

    This has been the most intense 3 months of my life so far - I don't know how I have got through it without collapsing as I am also working from home up to 4 hours per day with her in the same room so I can feed and comfort her when needed. DH is brilliant but he doesn't have breasts obviously so can only do so much and has also been, at times, totally at a loss to know what to do for her!

    While I love breastfeeding her, at her age (and I know I shouldn't be comparing but...) I expected and needed to get longer blocks of sleep than 1-2 hours which is like a kind of torture though she sleeps through from 8.30pmish to 6ish even without meds but I am a light sleeper and have been getting my boob in her mouth before she can wake up fully - usually around 4 am she would start thrashing around in her sleep and occassionally more and more start crying - which according to the HV is the acid getting to her since she'd been lying flat on her back next to me feeding from breasts with a very fast let down. Incidentally, these issues came to a head I now see when she no longer fussed at my let down so I let her stay on the breast - big mistake, she got totally full of air and milk and ate so fast I think it made a small issue much worse.

    For the last few days I have taken her off the breast at the let down, she has been eating more less frequently and today I have to say until she is ready for her sleep she is a different baby and the nought to sixty screaming is not happening...the warnings are coming more gradually I've noticed. I would avoid medicating at all costs unless I felt I couldn't go on and am generally very wary of pharmaceuticals and their companies...thus the thread...however, I feel like a different person today too, as for the first time she slept through the 4 am thrashing - I fed her at midnight then at 3am, I gave her her meds then too, lay down, turned over and it was 6am!

    Anyway - if you don't have time to read the full story - maybe you could reply to the first paragraph if relevant?

    Proud Mum to Lili born 27/07/11 by caesarean section after a 12 hour natural labour...

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    Default Re: Link btw m.sickness meds & reflux ba

    We seemed to have missed this thread... I'm sorry about that!

    It sounds like what you've tried has been working. How is she doing now?

    I wonder if "laid-back" nursing might be another option... It's when you lean back (in a semi-reclined position; not flat on your back) with baby on top. It can be especially helpful with fast letdown since gravity keeps baby from getting too much too fast. You can see a picture of what it looks like in the second section of LLLI's FAQ on positioning.

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