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Thread: questions about relactation

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    I have a 3 week old son. I started out breastfeeding but didn't get the correct help soon enough and there for my son got really used to the bottle instead of me. I had all sorts of problems in the beginning. He latched on the first time and created a huge bruise on my nipple from sucking too hard and not being latched on correctly. Then as I fed more my nipples cracked and bleed and started to hurt. 2 weeks in I got mastitis which was the worst pain ever. I couldn't even stand the pressure of a very loose fitting t-shirt touching my breasts let alone attempting to latch him on or even pump so I 'gave up'. I feel horrible about giving up, my nipples have healed and the mastitis has gone away. Now that things are feeling better I wanna try again. I've read a lot about women who've waited much longer than me to relactate so I know it's possible. I started hand expressing yesterday to see how it went and was able to get out a teaspoon in one sitting. However now my breasts are sore again and I'm wondering if I've made a bad choice. I know that breastfeeding hurts a tad when you get started but it goes away. I see mothers that are breastfeeding and they look so peaceful and comfortable. I want to get that way. Is that possible for me? Does anyone have any advise on how to make this easier on me?? I just wanna do whats right by my precious lil boy.

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    you may be just be sore because its been awhile since your nursed, try some nipple cream before expressing. Maybe contact a lactation consultant about his latch.

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