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    My daughter is turning one in 2 weeks. I am so ready to wean her but don't know where to start. I've been giving her solids for awhile and other food like rice..etc. but she won't eat as much. At her last appointment the ped. said that she was under weight. She was only 14lbs. at 9 months....probaly still the same. When I try to give her solids she won't fully open her mouth. So she only get the tip of the spoon. This has been going on for awhile. All she wants to do is to nurse. She'll cry and cry and cry..for so long. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. She is my first child and I want the best for her, thats why I chose to nurse. But she seem to be depending on that way too much. I hate to see her like that. So I always give in. How can I really start weaning her? Is it time for me to see a lactation specialist? Do they help wean? HELP. thanks in advance!

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    Ya, I thought by now she would be so excited to have different foods too.
    I go to a new moms group today where lactation consultant are there so I will ask them what to do.
    I just remembered something...last time I asked the leader about it she asked if I considered extended BF and I said well I am ready to have my body back.
    I will try to look up some articles and see if any will help us out.

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    Hi it's me again. I just looked up some stuff about weaning and found this site. It offers some different stratagies and input.

    It's called Berkley parents network.

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    some babies are just slow to start solids and would much rather eat table food that they can feed themself. LLL Says wean slowly with love.
    You have to replace the breastfeed with other forms of love.
    don't be afraid to call your local lll leader she can give you some more hints.
    Slowly is the best way. Drop the feed that the baby needs the least and then wait a few days and see how the baby does.
    a lot of times its a few steps back for every step forward.
    lots of moms find if they cut back to a few set times a day they don't feal like they need to wean all the way anymore and are more comfortable just nursing at bed and nap time, as its an easy way to get baby to go to sleep.
    If you don't have any help with bed time that is a good tool to get baby to sleep with out hours of fussing and getting out of bed. Anyways at one you can replace breastmilk with cows milk in a cup if it doesn't bother babies tummy or juice or water what ever baby like.
    good luck.

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    My 13-1/2 month old son sounds a lot like your daughter. He wasn't interested in being fed anything other than breastmilk. We figured out that he wanted to feed himself, but he was picky about what he ate. Anyway, we are on day 4 of being totally weaned (YAY!). We did it extremely slowly. I started when he was about 10 months old, dropping one feeding at a time, starting with the one he was least interested in. My son was also a middle-of-the-night feeder, so we had to break him of that, too.

    It took a long time, but I found that since we did it slowly, he was ready each time. I thought the nighttime feedings would be REALLY hard to give up, but it only took him 2 nights to get the hang of it.

    The other thing was that as I dropped feedings, he became more and more interested in solids and cow's milk.

    Good luck! Remember that there's no hard-and-fast rule that says you have to be done at a year. Take your time weaning, and you'll find that it will go more smoothly. I found that I was much less frustrated when I didn't give an exact timeline as to when I'd be "done". I just did it when I felt I was ready, and my son was ready to do without.


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