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Thread: Weaning off SNS? should I? Can I?

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    Default Weaning off SNS? should I? Can I?

    I would love to wean off SNS and go EB!!!

    Warning, long history below!!

    After nights of crying and pulling my breasts with no milk a local LLL leader visited me, weighted the baby. Borned at 3.2 and 8 days later only 3.05kg. She immediately told me that my baby is dehydrating and needed to be supplemented with formula.

    I started supplementing 30ml, and then 60ml and now the baby takes up to 90ml. I pumped the first 2 months but with only 30ml~40ml in total for both breasts every 4 hr (2hrs after feeding).

    Had the LLL leader come visit every week checking on the baby's weight, everything's GOOD since SNS a happy baby.

    BUT she started to have a weird nursing strike since mid 2nd month and would cry and cry and cry when she sees my breast, much less when I try to put the tube in! So I've been only able to feed her with the SNS WHILE she sleeps with my breast in her mouth unconsciously.

    She is now 3month and 14days old, doesn't refuse to take my breast anymore but still refuses SNS while awake. It is really hard trying to get her to fall asleep when it's time to nurse....

    SO, the ultimate question, should I wean her off SNS, but what if she get's too hungry?? I hate to starve my baby!!!!! breaks my heart How would one know if she's got enough supply?

    I am already on Domperidone with little difference, with Mother's milk plus with better results (from 30ml =>60ml in total/4hrs).

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    Default Re: Weaning off SNS? should I? Can I?

    Oh, I'm so sorry your post got missed!

    How are things going now? Does your baby still want to nurse if you're not using the SNS?

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    Default Re: Weaning off SNS? should I? Can I?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*LLLKaren View Post
    Oh, I'm so sorry your post got missed!

    How are things going now? Does your baby still want to nurse if you're not using the SNS?
    Thank you for answering! yes, I tried decreasing sns once per day (from 4 times a day to 3 times a day), but in between those 6~7 hours, my baby get sooo frustrated cus she'll suck and suck and suck and have no swallow. I read alot about there's always milk and it's like a river where water flows in all the time, but sure feels like it's flowing in way too slow.

    We are back on SNS 4 times a day and now I am trying to decrease from 90ml to 60ml, but it's again hard cus she not always sleeps 4 times a day... so if she doesn't feel sleepy, a meal is skipped and fussiness + cries starts.
    Sofia, mom of the wonderful Zoey 19/07/2011

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    Default Re: Weaning off SNS? should I? Can I?

    HI Im sorry things have been so hard for you I just wanted you to know my DS had to have supplements (With bottles though) I was told NOT to use a SNS (whole nother topic Im still mad about) I wish I had though, Anyway my point in my post was to let you know that after all the struggles my DS is now EBF (since 6mo) it was so hard but so so worth it. And it sounds to me like you have a ton of determination in you so I think you can do it! I was told I would have to sup. the whole first year and that his suck *just wasnt right* Well HE proved ALL the DRs & LCs WRONG and he now a thriving 19# crawlin, standin, walkin, sweet lil man. Im so happy we kept trying. Theres ALOT of great support here for you, that was a BIG help for me. So... anyways jenn
    Im Jenn
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