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Thread: Baby getting lazy with latch at night

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    Default Baby getting lazy with latch at night

    New development... My LO is 7 months and her latch is very good. However, in the past week or so, her night-latch (for dreamfeeds) has become very shallow and painful. I try re-latching her several times but it doesn't work. She's not just comfort sucking, she's actually eating (the comfort suck is very soft, so even though it's shallow it's not painful). And she takes forever to eat!

    This is a big change because in the past, her dreamfeeds were actually very efficient, focused and well-latched.

    Not sure what to do but I don't want to go back to sore nipples at this point in the game!

    During the day her latch is as good as always, and even if she falls asleep at the breast the latch is still good. Only problem is the dreamfeed that starts when she's asleep.
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    Default Re: Baby getting lazy with latch at nigh

    my thoughts are: teething? and what position are you feeding in? had this happen around when she started teething her top incisors and we had to switch temporarily from side lying to sitting upright for her dream feeds. i did still occasionally get sore, but I had more control. alternatively, if you're sitting up, try side lying also reclining back a bit in a more recliner type chair helped take some pressure off and we got a better latch. hth!
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