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Thread: the supply-demand equation

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    Default the supply-demand equation

    hey everyone. my lo is 2 months old now. feeding him was going really well until i started getting a LOT of milk. he would choke badly, so i started block feeding him. that worked and then he started sleeping through the nights! as much as that sounds good, i was badly engorged in the mornings, and had to express a little till his feeding time. now here's the problem. a couple of days after doing this, my supply i believe reduced quite a bit. my breasts are still leaky in the mornings. but my lo finishes the first breast from leaky to empty (empty enough for him to give up the breast) in around 10 minutes. so i switch him to the second breast. again, he finishes that in another 10 minutes. so i switch him back on to the first, which by that time has collected a bit more for him to nurse for another 5 minutes or so. sometimes i have to switch him again. is this right? do i need to give him formula? i keep thinking i am now suffering from low supply. his diaper output is fine, his stools are hearty and yellow. but till he has his fill, i have to keep switching breasts again and again. do any of you have any suggestions about how i can manage this equation better? (full breasts in the morning, emptier as the day goes by. and in the evenings between 6 to 10 or so he wants to feed ALL the time!)
    would really appreciate some help!

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    I have to go make coffee and get my butt in gear, but I just want to reassure that this all sounds completely normal and is not an indication of low supply.

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    Can't answer if you have low supply or not. Not to alarm you, but just keep an eye on his output and weight. If all continues well, then you should be fine!

    My issue was much different. I ran into the same issues, and finally when I went to see a LC about an unrelated issue, we discovered my output was low. NOT SAYING this is your case, ok? I wasn't drinking enough, and I was also letting DD2 sleep through the night. The only changes really needed was increasing my caloric intake, drinking more water, and adding a couple of extra feeding, including waking her up once through the night. That kept me from being engorged in the mornings, and she seemed much more content. Now my supply seems more balanced, but that's what worked in my case.

    Sorry, for the rambling. As long as all is going well, I wouldn't stress. Just keep an eye on it! Sounds like you both are doing pretty awesomely to me!

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