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    My 10 month old is still nursing and I do not planning on weaning him soon. I look forward to closeness with my little man and so does he!!. I work part time and usually pump only 2 bottles a week for when I go to work. He has been eating yogurts and cheeses for a few months now and there seems to be no milk allergy. I was just wondering if it is ok to occasionally give him whole milk in emergency situations or should I wait till he turns one year? Any thoughts?

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    With my first, I was still nursing her 2x a day by the time she was a year - we weaned by 13 months. From what I know, there should be no whole milk until baby has turned AT LEAST 1. Until that mark, baby should be on breastmilk or formula. My suggestion would be diluted fruit juices or pumped breast milk until his first birthday. Cheese and yogurt are processed differently from milk. My daughter (first baby, now 6) is lactose intolerant to the extent that she can eat cheese and yogurt but not ice cream or cow's milk.

    If you can, avoid it for now. You only have a couple more months - and you seem to be doing very well!!
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    The conservative course of action is to avoid cow's milk until the first birthday, because plain cow's milk apparently has the potential to cause issues with anemia. Yogurt and cheese are okay because the process that transforms them from milk into yogurt/cheese alters their chemistry. But this is the conservative course of action as recommended in the US. In Europe, the recommendation is that cow's milk can be introduced at 9-10 months. Personally, I think that in a pinch a single bottle of whole cow's milk won't hurt- but formula would be preferable if only because it is a much closer approximation of breast milk.

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    Dr. Jack Newman states that given certain criteria whole milk is fine after 6 months and especially after 9-10 months. http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ename=doc-WFBW

    I hope that helps a bit!!!

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    I would give whole milk over diluted fruit juice, personally. LO's need the fat and calories and my personal opinion is that most juice is little better than sugar water for babies. I know you're just talking about an occasional emergency, though, so why not try to get a couple bags of breastmilk into the freezer for those times? That would be best of all.

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