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Thread: Baby refusing to Nurse

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    I tried to look up a local LLL leader in the Phoenix area but couldnt find anything so figured id post here for opinions....Bare with me as it will be long..My LO was born on 10/6/11 she was a month early.. I had a repeat csection. She was able to latch and bf within an hr or two at most.. I thought she was doing great.. She was born at 5 lbs 11 oz.. went down to 5.2 by day two.. Was crabby so they gave her paci and suggested we supplement (suggested on day one but i declined) I have done lots of research in the months leading up to her birth.. but when it came to it the only reason i gave in is cause she was so tiny... Saw her regular ped when she was 5 days old. Who said because she was so tiny wanted us to supplement after nursing for 30 mins.. She seemed to be latching on good and BF good but still takin an oz or so afterwards.. Saw LC at hospital a few days later and they weighed her before and after she nursed.. she was only takin 3/4 of an ounce after nursing for about 30 mins total.. Suggested i Pump after she nurses and still supplement.. So i saw another LC with WIC and they pretty much said the same thing.. Her suck started to improve.. She was gaining weight (had formula so idk if it was from BM) then at around 2 wks PP she started to refuse the breast.. i been pumping ever 2-3 hrs to keep up my supply and giving her whatever i pump and formula if i dont have anything for her.. I am able to pump 2-3 oz in the am and about 1 oz each session during the day.. I have used nipple shields which she hates.. Want to get a SNS but they are so expensive.. I will try to get her to bf before giving her a bottle but she refuses it most times.. can get her to latch and bf maybe once a day.. She just had a good nursing session just now.. Any suggestions??

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    Hey mama, relax! Things will get back on track. I know it's hard when you're worried for your baby but your body knows how to create a human being, it knows how to lactate too.

    I strongly urge you to look around for the answers to your questions on Kellymom and Dr Jack Newman's info sheets. They are experts. Let me put up a link or two here to get you started before I dash off:
    You can use a little plastic cup to feed your LO and stop bottles altogether, don't give a pacifier either to ensure that LO learns to suckle at the breast and all of her needs to suck are only relieved by being with you and bfing. YouTube has good videos on how to cup feed.

    Nipple shields are poor practice, see Dr Newman on them. Wean from them asap and see his and Kellymom advice on how to do so.

    Most of your questions are answered here on Kellymom from this link list:

    Got to runt o the doctor's now for my own LOs! You can do this mama
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    I agree with the poster above to check out Kellymom and Jack Newmans sites. Lots of good advice there.
    Definitely use a cup or syringe instead of a bottle. Not as great as an SNS, but much better than a bottle and potential nipple confusion.
    One thing that occurred to me- how is your letdown? If it is very good, your baby could be having a hard time a fast letdown. If you express a little before you let her feed, she might be able to latch better and get more overall. If you have slow letdown, expressing first can get the letdown going so she has milk right away and doesn't get frustrated by how slow it comes at first. Just another thing to try.
    Good luck, mama!

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    Here's some info for LLL in the Phoenix area:

    Amigas Chapter (west of I-17) - Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Goodyear
    Buenas Chapter (east of I-17) - Scottsdale, Anthem, Cave Creek
    Tri-City Chapter - Chandler, Mesa, Maricopa, Tempe, Gilbert

    They also have a central help line - 602-234-1956.

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