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Thread: Ugh! Allergies!

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    Default Ugh! Allergies!

    I am so frustrated right now I want to scream!

    My son is 9 months old now. Aside from the first 2 weeks when my milk took forever to come in and we had to supplement, he was exclusively breastfed the first 6 months. When he was a few weeks old he started having obvious tummy distress and inconsolable crying. I did a dairy elimination diet even though he didn't have green or mucousy stools and it was almost immediately effective. So I kept it up for a couple of months and then re-introduced dairy in my diet with no issues to Dylan. And he has thrived on mama milk aside from that hiccup, gained weight beautifully etc. I also had OALD for months but as he got bigger he could handle it better.

    At 6 months we started solids very slowly. When we tried avocado, he had a reaction. Screaming and vomiting. Once when he had it, and once when *I* had it. Two weeks ago he had his first bite of dairy- and immediately broke out in a rash all over his face. We decided for sure he would not have any dairy products himself, but his pediatrician assured me I was fine in eating them. The freaking hives have been off and on the last two weeks as we desperately try to figure this out. He would randomly break out, although, just on his face. She said it had to be something he was coming in contact with, rather than ingested food.

    Yesterday my toddler fed him whole milk from her sippy cup before I could get to them. He had like one sip of it, and broke out in hives from head to toe. We called the doctor and gave benadryl. It was so scary! I have a referral to an allergist next week, and in the meantime I have started dairy elim today.

    Today he has not had any solid food and NO HIVES. At all! I JUST cut dairy yesterday so I'm sure it's still in my system. And he has been nursing every couple of hours all day. I am so confused. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Ugh! Allergies!

    Very glad to hear that you have an appointment with an allergist!

    Some suggestions:
    - absolutely definitely eliminate ALL dairy in ALL forms from BOTH your and baby's diet!
    - when you go to the allergist, bring a detailed written history of foods eaten (by you and/or by baby) & reactions
    - ask the allergist for WRITTEN instructions for an allergy "action plan"
    - also post over in the allergies part of the forum - you'll probably get more responses: http://forums.llli.org/forumdisplay....-Sensitivities

    - reading label for milk - http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org...avoidance_list
    - cooking subs for milk - http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org...r_milk_allergy
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