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Thread: We reached a year Now What???

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    Default We reached a year Now What???


    Sorry the road has not been the easiest but by far not the hardest getting here.
    With only the minimal amout of supplementing when I was away, depending on the day if he wanted more or not, We made it and when ever we are togeather my son nurses.

    I am so happy that we made it this far. I want to continue as long as possible. BUT I pump when I am at work? What do I do now?
    I know its coming, I was asked several months ago when ds was about 8/9 months, how long I was going to pump. THis was by my boss.

    Well I borrow our office when I need to pump, which is 3 times a day, 15 mins each. I use my lunch break to do this. Instead of doing what ever I want for an hour or what ever.

    I am so afraid to stop. Does it make sense? I dont know what todo. because 1 of my bosses just now was kinda crappy and was like, didnt you just use the office. I told him no, I had used it at 1 and he said that it was just an hour ago wasnt it. I told him NO SIR< I used it at 1 and I always come out to ask if I can borrow it because I shut the door. I got all my work done for the day pretty much and I only work 3 days aweek. So i think its bothering them. No one has said anything but DS just turned a year old on the 29th...

    So what do you you goddesses Recommend? "Side note, I had a scare where there told me to add powdered formula to his bottles to plump him up, and that he needed more, It scared me to death but with you ladies at laleche league, I stopped because HE was fine, now they are saying he is kind ato plump And The dr was shocked that on their chart he went up 17% in just 3 months. and I had only used the added powder for about 3-5 days... THANK YOU LADIES?
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    Currently we and are about to start as well as

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    Default Re: We reached a year Now What???

    You CAN stop pumping at a year if that's what you want to do. Depending how regularly you do it you might want to slowly wean yourself off pumping sessions, but you could also just stop and have the pump available just in case you need it. At this point, as long as your baby is nursing 3-4 times per day you don't even need to replace the milk with anything else. However, lots of mamas do keep pumping for a while so they can wean their babies off the bottle slowly. Again, it all depends on your comfort level, how you think your baby will react, etc.

    I stopped pumping when my LO was about 13 mos because she stopped taking bottles. I was more than happy to quit, I hated pumping.
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    Default Re: We reached a year Now What???

    How much are you pumping at each session? Also, how often does your LO nurse during the day when you are not working? If it is a large amount, you may want to back down slowly. Stopping cold turkey could lead to problems with engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis, etc... What worked best for me was to slowly drop sessions. Then once I was at 1 session a day, I backed down on the session length/volume until I was at a point where I felt I could stop pumping altogether. During this time LO's caregivers slowly introduced cow's milk in a sippy cup. This way she could get the hang of it before I stopped supplying EBM for them to offer. Even by doing this, I still ended up with a blocked duct . However, I have always had issues with oversupply and plugs.

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