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Thread: when does the green poop stop?

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    Default when does the green poop stop?

    so i nursed my first son for 22 months. other than what i thought was dairy intolerance until about 6 months of age, we had no problems....in fact he never spit up one single time....

    ds #2 is now 4 weeks old....and we have been having a go of it! after the first few days home from the hospital he started acting really really fussy/gassy/in pain....so i thought it was dairy again...so i cut out dairy. he seemed to get better within a day...at the same time i was working on feeding on doing block feeding..but then he started having green mucousy stools...constantly. i was changing one diaper right after another. i would change on feed him change another on and then in between feeds change one...all green and mucousy and he was still intermittently gassy/fussy.

    so i think that i have an overactive let down as well as foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. so i've have been working on that for the past 3 days. his general disposition has improved 10 fold...he is a very content, non fussy, non gassy baby. but we are still having occasional green mucousy stools and twice in two days he has had a very small streak of blood in them....

    but the frequency has slowed down and during the day they are usually normal yellow....but then in the evening usually one will pop up green. and then some smears of green during the night...only to be back to yellow in the am...

    so my question...do i still need to look at cutting things out? or is it just going to take some time? if so how long? any advice is greatly appreciated...

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    Default Re: when does the green poop stop?

    I don't know much about OALD or foremilk/hindmilk imbalances, but I have recently cut dairy (and obvious soy) due to green, mucousy poops. Tiny bit of blood also...our pedi told me that it can take 4-6 weeks for the mucousy poops to go away b/c it takes a couples weeks for the dairy to fully get out your systems and then baby's GI is still healing. Not sure now long its been since you stopped the dairy, but if you're still within the 4-6 weeks it could just be that you need to give it a little more time. Sounds like cutting the dairy made a big difference though!

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    Default Re: when does the green poop stop?

    My experience with oversupply leads me to believe that getting your supply adjusted to the baby's needs is a process that takes time. I'd feel like I had the OS managed, only to have it reappear, along with lots of green poops! One thing to remember is that green poops are in the normal range for a breastfed infant. If you are only seeing 1-2 per day, I don't think it's anything to worry about. It may be that at one time during the day you are still overproducing, and at the end of the day the milk from that oversupply time finally emerges as poop. Many moms have the most milk at night and first thing in the morning. Perhaps the green poops come from milk consumed at those times?

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