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Thread: Breast-feeding with Ehlers Danlos

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    Default Breast-feeding with Ehlers Danlos

    A very good friend of mine has Ehlers Danlos. She really really wants to nurse her little girl but is having some problems. I am looking for advise from someone who has either BTDT or has some knowledge about this.

    This is from her.
    "major issues (latching issues and biting causing bruising and bleeding, not helped by my EDS) so i've been supplementing with formula and breastfeeding, but i'm thinking about trying to EP.

    the lactation consultants that i saw have tried different things, but nothing seems to help. i really think my EDS makes it just that much harder because of the additional swelling, bruising, and pain."

    Right now she is doing both (pumping and BF with formula to fill in the gap) any advise for successful breastfeeding? I'll also post this in the pumping forum.
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    Default Re: Breast-feeding with Ehlers Danlos

    How old is her baby? Does she take medications to help with her usual pain and swelling? Is pumping less painful for her than direct nursing?
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