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Thread: I need some advice!

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    I feel like you. My twins are 16 months now, and they keep biting my nipples. I love our relationshhip, but the lack of freedom to get stuff done and the biting are really getting to me. They still nurse quite a bit frequency wise (7 times), but not duration wise, sometimes it is only 3-4 minutes more so in the evenings. I am going to stick it out through the holidays since we are traveling and then get serious about weaning/cutting them down. My first was down to three times a day by 14 months and then weaned by 16 months.

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    Thank you everyone. Things are much better. My DS was sick with croup, upper respiratory infection and an ear infection and he was back to every 3-4 hrs and at night. Now that he is better we are back on to 3 times a day. He seems happier and I am too. I am enjoying the slow weaning, because I get to enjoy the nursing sessions more. I don't stare at the clock anymore wondering when he should eat next
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