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Thread: Pumping after 1 year

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    Default Pumping after 1 year

    DS is only 8 months, and I'm certainly not trying to rush things, but I'm getting sick of pumping at work! I need a light at the end of the tunnel.

    So my question - after he's 1 year, I think I read somewhere that your milk supply is pretty established and you don't have to worry so much about pumping all the time to keep the supply up. Is that true? Does it vary person to person? Or is that really just a way of letting your body naturally wean and slowly reduce your supply?

    I want to continue BFing after 1 year (which is a conversation my DH doesn't like to have, lol), so I don't want to completely lose my supply. However, it would be nice to cut out some pumping sessions at work...
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    Default Re: Pumping after 1 year

    For me it was natural not to worry as much about output and to reduce my pumping. Supply was established, I had a big freezer stash so I was not concerned about increasing, and LO was increasingly getting nutrition from solids--so not as much milk was even being used.

    By then you will have been pumping long enough that you should be able to at least try to alter your schedule, if you want. Experiment for a couple of days and if you're not comfortable with the change then you should be able to switch back to your old schedule without significant detriment.
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    Default Re: Pumping after 1 year

    If your LO is eating and drinking well, then yes, pump weaning and nursing are still totally compatible.
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