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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Default Is this normal?

    My girl seems to be done in less than a min. on each side. Is that normal? She seemed content until yesterday and today, i feed her every hour from like 5-9am. She latches on and comes off like 300 times and yells. Even after letdown. I dont think she has reflex because she has had it in the past and it corrected itself. Going to try feeding upright to see if it helps. But i dont hear the gurgle like i did last time. Any advice? She is 7 months tomorrow. Could this happen if they are teething? When she pulls off she always shoves her hands in her mouth.

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    Sounds like teething to me because she is putting her hands in her mouth when she pulls off. Does she have any teeth yet? Also, she is at an age where teething is likely.

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    I agree with PP. Sounds like teething. Her little mouth probably hurts, making it difficult to nurse. Try some teething gel. I like Hylands because it doesn't have all the other added junk in it and doesn't numb their mouth to the point of having a hard time nursing. Or if she is really having a hard time I would give some pain meds to see if that helps. Hope you can get it figured out!
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