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Thread: %$^%$#^@ That HURTS!!

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    Default %$^%$#^@ That HURTS!!

    I'm 5 months preggo now and DD2 is almost 15 months. We have struggled with my supply dropping, but we still nurse from time to time. We went through screaming fits, biting, scratching.... We are now at the point where we sometimes nurse at night if she wakes.

    The problem now is that when she does latch on, she's BITING like no tomorrow. Unlatching causes major meltdowns. To the point where latching her back on would mean certain death to my nipples. I suspect it's due to her frustration with there being no milk. She's gone 2 full days without nursing and I feel nothing in my breasts. I don't try to express it, in case there is some that I feel she should have it. But there's no tightness, no engorgement, no feeling at all.

    I don't want to decline if she asks, but I just can't deal with the biting. Since she can go without, should I just stop? I don't see any scenario where this gets any better.
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    Default Re: %$^%$#^@ That HURTS!!

    s You CAN say no and not feel bad about it...or at least try not to. Easier said than done, I know. You have to figure out which is better for everyone. Sitting there and nursing through the pain and resenting your child and wanting to throw them across the room OR saying no and trying to comfort them in another way. I started weaning my DD when she turned 3 I was about 5-6 mo.pg I think. She didn't wean until right before DS was born, but she cut way back to the point where it was more tolerable. Ihave a thread titled "our weaning..." if you want to check it out. I struggled a lot with it and there's some good advice from other mamas in there.
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