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Thread: Good and bad days/weeks!

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    Default Good and bad days/weeks!

    I wondered if anyone could give me some advice please. My son is 3 months old and was 5 weeks early. Prob weighs nearly 9lb now. He has always had days when he just doesn't seem to feed very enthusiasticly and we had a couple of weeks where he only put on 4 oz/week and was looking thin. After that I made a special effort to feed longer and made sure he had both breasts etc and it seemed to get better. He was then feeding for longer (1/2 - 1h), settling better, going for about 3h between feeds and having one good feed of about an hour at night (after settling about 9 or 10pm). He also put on 8oz in a week. However, it only lasted for about a week and he started to not feed for very long again and didn't seem keen to feed. This lasted for a few days then I had a few good days. Today he has been feeding (sucking- I don't have enough milk for him to drink nonestop all day!!) all day but settled at 7pm (unusually early). Last night he woke at 1.30 and 4.30 but didn't seem that hungry either time.

    I haven't weighed him this week but he looks healthy. Why this yo yo? Am I leaving him too long between feeds thus downregulating milk? On the "good" weeks my breasts feel fuller before feeding. I try not to leave him longer than 3-4h between feeds but he will go 5h in the night some times. It's hard sometimes to limit time between feeds because some feeds go on for ages. Also, if I try to feed more frequently he is sometimes doesn't appear hungry. He has always been a bit of a sleepy feeder, as prems often are I guess.

    Should I try to feed more frequently? What about night feeds- if he doesn't feed well at night will it effect my supply? How often should he feed at night? I could just do with a bit more consistency, I am tired and have 2 other children who are getting their poor little noses pushed out!

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    Hi mama!

    The cycles that you are experiencing sounds really normal. Babies go through growth spurts where they start to eat more and constantly act hungry. When they fall out of the growth spurt they go back to eating less frequently. Just make sure his diaper output is okay. He should be having a lot of wet diapers.

    My DS is 3 months as well and he goes to bed around 11 and wakes up at 5:30 for a feeding then goes back to bed until about 9am. It is okay for them to sleep longer throughout the night at this age. It will not affect your supply either because your breasts are constantly adpating to your baby's needs.

    Sounds like you are doing great mama! Just pick up on your baby's feeding cues throughout the day. If he starts sucking his fingers or acting hungry then feed him- if not then don't When he wakes up at night offer the breast and see if he takes it. Even if he doesnt want to nurse he might still use you as a paci to go back to sleep.
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    Default Re: Good and bad days/weeks!

    Thanks for that!

    Had a good day today after a couple of really hard ones. He has given up at 7 or 8 pm last couple of nights so I have given him a "dream feed" side lying in bed at around 10pm. Worked like a dream! He ate really nicely and popped off back to sleep in his cot fine! Woke for good feeds at 2am and 6-6.30am and settled back to sleep in time for school run at 8.30am. Textbook!!

    I am also making sure that when he goes to sleep after feeding it's becasue he's full, not nice and warm. I used to be very vigilant about this but had got less so. It does mean he will feed for stretches of 1.5h or so, so he won't get 8 of those feeds in a day! I guess it's time spent doing active feeding that counts though..

    Thanks again!

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