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Thread: Block feeding during a growth spurt...

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    Unhappy Block feeding during a growth spurt...

    Okay, so things are still going better than they were BUT... now Asher is having a growth spurt. Before block feeding, a feeding went like this: Latch baby on to eat, baby cries, won't latch back on, cries and cries (both mom and baby!) Now feedings go like this: Latch baby on to eat, unlatch baby during let down, wait until let down chills out a little, latch baby back on, after about 15 more minutes Asher begins to unlatch and cry, latch and unlatch and cry, etc. I am pretty positive it's a growth spurt, he has suddenly increased his amount of feedings per day and also the length of time he is on the breast, it seems he is never really satisfied... So how do I tell my body to chill on the let down but make more milk????? And how long do growth spurts usually last? And is my milk supply dwindling because it's the end of the day? If he is truly hungry and one side just won't make anymore, is it okay to go to the other side? I wasn't sure this time so I gave him 2 oz of frozen milk I had from 3 weeks ago by bottle. I didn't WANT to do this but even if he needs to continue to suck on an empty breast to stimulate it, it wasn't very productive because he was getting so upset that he unlatched after every suck and finally decided not to latch on again... What do you guys think?
    Let me tell you, BF has been a COMPLETE rollercoaster... Sometimes I feel so close to Asher, like I was made for him and he made for me, and sometimes I feel like I'm not a good mommy because I can't figure this mess out! Any advice is appreciated, sorry about all the questions!!

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    Default Re: Block feeding during a growth spurt...

    Oh, I've been there too I know what you mean by feeling that you have finally found your rythm, nursing is blissfull, then the next two days are full of scream fests and crying. Hang in there, it will pass.

    I have to block feed my DS as well. To the point where I had gotten so used to only feeding on one side per feeding that I when he was going through his 3 month growth spurt I swore he was rejecting my breast, nope turned out he was still hungry. I started putting him to the other side and he did that for about 2-3 days then back to his regular routine. I would start with that breast at the next feeding, you know to "Finish the first breast first". It actually worked out and I didn't get engorged or anything, DS was so hungry that I didn't have to worry about spray either. He just gulped away.

    HTH, just remember to not get so stuck in your block feeding that you inadervtently keep your little one from filling up their tank. That's what I did, then I had a total 'duh' moment and offered the other side through the spurt. It all worked out fine.

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    Red face Re: Block feeding during a growth spurt...

    Thank you for your response! I'm going to do like you said and hopefully this growth spurt will be over soon! In fact, this am, he woke me around 3am to eat and was on for his typical 30 minutes, but his next feeding around 6am he only stayed on for about 15 minutes and the same with his 9:30 feeding... maybe we're hitting the end of the growth spurt? (YAY! if we are!) He might actually get to sleep some today! For the past 3 days he has hardly slept during the day, maybe 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there, and only twice a day! I suspect this is because of the growth spurt. Well, thanks again, I appreciate it!

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