Hello mama's I have been back to work for 2 weeks now and my supply seems to be slowing down this week. I do have a small over supply and it could be possible that my body is just balancing out. But I am wondering how often membranes and valves shoudl be changed. I have a PIS so I have a good pump.

Also I did not get to pump on this past weekend at all as LO is having a growth spurt and was feeding more often that normal. I have a pretty good stock but I don't want to start using it this early. We hit the 100oz mark last week WOO HOO . I wanted to be a few more weeks before I had to think about using the stash and I wanted to know that my supply would make it thru going back to work.

I could be worrying to early but if there is a problem I want to fix it right away. Thanks